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You guys might remember Iniesta removing his shirt after his winning goal for Spain at the World Cup 2010, right?

Well, what does it say? For those who don’t habla espanol (thanks Chris Farley),  it translates to “Dani Jarque: always with us”

Dani Jarque was a teammate and chosen captain along side Iniesta for Spain. He collapsed at age 26 from a sudden heart attack. Nice tribute to a dear friend and teammate. Peace in the middle east.


He was a former Barcelona and Arsenal FC member. This guy would play pick up games with Steve Nash (NBA MVP Phoenix Suns) in Central Park for years. It’s a good thing he finally signed, hopefully the New York Red Bulls start selling tickets to repay that expensive stadium and parking structure they built.

If you all don’t remember, he was the culprit who’s handball was not noticed by the referee and denied Ireland the spot in the 2010 World Cup… thoughts?