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Landon D.

Posted: July 30, 2010 by chisox5 in MLS Players

So is this guy staying in the USA or going to Europe?


Fenway Park Hosting Soccer Match.

Posted: July 21, 2010 by Soccerrocker in Games, MLS Players

The Celtic Football Club and the Sporting Club de Portugal face off tonight at 8pm E.T. at Fenway Park. I hope Fenway can handle the crazy Irish fans.

I know the only entertaining fans in Boston will be Soccer fans, and what a better place then Fenway?

Hopefully no Boston girls show up, we already have a giant green monster in the stadium. BAM! Have fun tonight if you’re attending this glorious event. Wish I could be there at Fenway to drink some awesome Guiness.


He was a former Barcelona and Arsenal FC member. This guy would play pick up games with Steve Nash (NBA MVP Phoenix Suns) in Central Park for years. It’s a good thing he finally signed, hopefully the New York Red Bulls start selling tickets to repay that expensive stadium and parking structure they built.

If you all don’t remember, he was the culprit who’s handball was not noticed by the referee and denied Ireland the spot in the 2010 World Cup… thoughts?